• Review and optimization of public relations

    Organizations have relationships with many groups that are of varying relevance to the organization's goals. However, these groups need to be communicated with unified messages, which requires a meaningful use of both public relations tools and communication channels. When reviewing the existing public relations, we take into account both financial and personnel resources as well as the defined objectives, and then jointly prepare an optimal plan of activities.

  • Creation of annual plans for the implementation of public relations

    When preparing annual plans, we first assess the impact of public relations activities in the past year, and then determine the activities for the next year. Annual plans are prepared in accordance with the set goals and the organization strategy; we pay special attention to the financial and personnel resources of the organization. All activities are oriented towards the formation of quality relationships, which are the basis for building trust and long-term attainment of the set goals of the organization.

  • Education on the use of public relations tools and channels for communication

    By educating on the possibilities, the use and the importance of public relations, we want to approximate public relations to different organizations as a key tool for achieving the set goals. The trainings are most often performed for closed groups.

  • Dissemination of projects

    Dissemination of projects, both European and Slovenian, is often aimed at meeting the requirements of the call and less at achieving the set goals of the organization in the long run. With our knowledge and experience, we customize your dissemination programs in such a way that they can meet the needs of the call with the planned activities and at the same time achieve the set goals of the organization.

  • Media relations

    Media relations are often an important element in informing the selected stakeholders and co-creating their agenda. Together with you and on the basis of the set goals, we prepare a communication plan with the media, and adjust the discourse, the format of information and the channel to reach as many readers / viewers / followers as possible. Measuring the effect is related both to the publications and references received for and in the media by the carriers of the information.

  • NGOs and public relations

    NGOs are an important part of the civil society, which co-creates the quality of our lives and of the society as a whole. Their public relations activities are often financially and personally limited, and we therefore offer them the possibility of joint appearance and application for various calls. The most common forms of cooperation are education about the importance of public relations in order to achieve the set goals, assistance in the preparation of the plan of activity and its implementation, and evaluation of the performed activities.

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